AQUA Logic - COSIL-47 - (Water-filter-disinfectant)

Colloidal silver prevents the growth of microorganisms after use and during storage of your water filter.

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Product description

COSIL 47 - for the safe storage of your water filter

COSIL 47 is a Colloidal Silver solution with a high concentration of >30 ppm (parts per million or mg/liter). The characteristic golden-yellow color distinguishes it, as colloidal silver is colorless at lower concentrations, making it visually undetectable for the presence of silver nano-particles in the solution.

The high concentration of COSIL 47 makes it particularly suitable for preventing microbial growth during the storage of water filters. With a ratio of 10 drops of COSIL 47 per 200 ml of water, every pathogenic pathogen will be neutralized.

The advantage of using COSIL 47 over other disinfectants is that it does not add any aftertaste to the water, nor does it have any chemical side effects.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver consists of pure water in which nano silver particles are dissolved. A colloid is a molecular particle (in this case silver) with a size of 1 nanometer or smaller.

Because the particles are so small, they can be dissolved in water (suspension) in a special process. In that case, these particles remain in solution and will not separate (sediment).

COSIL 47 is supplied in a 100 ml brown glass bottle.

In unopened packaging, COSIL 47 has a shelf life for many years. Once the bottle has been opened, it can be kept for a few months. It is best to store COSIL 47 both opened and unopened in a cool, dry and, above all, dark place for optimum shelf life.

How does colloidal silver work?

Because silver colloids are so small, they have a strong (positive) ionic charge. This positive charge always looks for a negative discharge.

When colloidal silver comes into contact with (pathogenic) micro-organisms, the positively charged silver colloids will bind to the negatively charged enzymes from these micro-organisms. As a result, these (aerobic) organisms can no longer produce oxygen and thus die without being able to reproduce.

The diagram accompanying the images shows how large particles and micro-organisms can be.

Use of COSIL 47 for storing a used water filter:

  1. Take a quantity of filtered water and add 10 drops of COSIL 47 per 200 ml. Stir and let it stand for five minutes.
  2. Pour or pump (depending on the filter model) the water through the filter element or through the entire water filter.
  3. Let the water run out of the filter element/water filter.
  4. After this, you can either let the filter (element) dry thoroughly before storage or store it moist, using a plastic bag or container, in the refrigerator.

For disinfecting drinking water?

Colloidal silver is often used as a potential disinfectant due to its antimicrobial properties. It can kill bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms or inhibit their growth. However, the use of colloidal silver for purifying drinking water is controversial. Although it can kill certain bacteria, it is not always effective against all microorganisms and can also have side effects with prolonged or excessive use. Therefore, colloidal silver is generally not recommended as the sole method of purifying drinking water. There are more effective and safer methods available, such as filtration with a water filter.

Product details Cosil 47:

Content: 100 ml
Weight: 230 grams

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