How soon will I receive my product?
 Can I also pick up my order?
Operation of water filter
 Does the water retain the minerals after filtering or does the system also filter them out?
 Do the AQUA Logic water filters also remove Lime scale / calcium from the water?
 Can water quality be measured with a TDS meter?
 What kind of water can I purify with your filters? Ditch water, rain water?
 Can AQUA Logic water filters also filter iron (and manganese) from the water?
 Do your water filters also filter fluoride out of the water?
 What does Activated Carbon filter out of the water?
 What is filtered out of the water by Ultra Membranes?
Lifetime Water Filters
 How many liters of water can a Ceramic filter like Travel-Mate purify?
 How many liters of water can an ultra-membrane filter such as the Siphon purify?
Storing after use
 What should I do when I plan to not use my water filter for a while?
Nano Silver treatment
 Why treat a filter element with Nano Silver?
 What is Colloidal Silver?
 How does Colloidal silver work
BPA (Bisphenol A)
 Are the AQUA Logic Water Filters BPA-Free?
Questions? We are happy to help you.

Questions? We are happy to help you.

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