AQUA Logic - Siphon - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - (gravity water filter)

The Siphon is a gravity water filter. Suitable for emergencies, travel, expeditions, but also for aid workers in disaster situations or war zones.

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AQUA Logic - Siphon - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - (gravity water filter)
AQUA Logic - Siphon - CS-Ultra - 0,03mcr - (gravity water filter) - (Silver treated)
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Product description

Emergency drinking water filter

This water filter is used worldwide in emergency and disaster situations where there is a lack of clean and safe drinking water. Disease caused by contaminated water is unfortunately the number 2 cause of death worldwide and even the number 1 cause of death among children up to 5 years old. Often more people die from the disaster after the disaster than from the disaster itself. With your purchase you support the work of the IBOTA Foundation and making this water filter available to those in need.

Taste experience

It is often said that there is no arguing about taste. Many users of this water filter find that the filtered water tastes better. Especially when there is chlorine in the water, this is reduced by the activated carbon and the taste is greatly improved. However, there are also users who find the filtered water less tasty. In the core of this water filter it is intended to provide clean and safe drinking water in emergency situations.

Filter Characteristics

  • The AQUA Logic Siphon filter functions by means of 'siphoning' (gravity).
  • It has a flow rate of >10 liters per hour. The flow rate may decrease overtime.
  • The recommended period of use (daily usage) is 1 year.

Note: The actual life span of this water filter will depend on the level of contamination in the water source. As long as there is water coming out through the filter, will this water be suitable drinking water because it has been filtered through the ultra-membranes, provided the water filter is used as explained in this user manual. 

Filter element:

3in1: C-Ultra / CS-Ultra Filter with Sediment Filter Sleeve:

  1. Activated carbon cylinder with a pore size of 1 micron.
The activated carbon consists of 100% organic material (coconut shell) and has a very high adsorption capacity.
Activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, metals such as lead, as well as molds, chlorine, medicine residue and other chemicals.
  • The CS-Ultra variant has colloidal (Nano) silver applied to the Activated Carbon cylinder. This has an anti-bacteriological effect and makes this water filter very suitable in situations with a high contamination level of micro-organisms, for example Cholera.
  1. Ultrafiltration membranes with a pore size of 0.03 micron.
Filters: Pathogenic organisms: Log 6 bacterial reduction: >99.9999% (including Cholera, Shigella, Typhus, Klebsiella Terrigena, Legionella and e. Coli) and Cysts / Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium)
Micro- and Nano plastics from a size of 0.03 microns (300 nanometers)
  1. Sediment Filter Sleeve

The Sediment Filter Sleeve is very effective in filtering coarser contaminants in the water such as sand, mud and clay. The Filter Sleeve extends the life of the activated carbon and the ultrafiltration membranes, which will be less likely to clog.

This single filter is capable of producing safe and clean drinking water of high quality. The filter works without the addition of chemicals and is made up of maintenance-free and corrosion-free parts.

Shelf life:

unused, the filter has an almost unlimited shelf life (store in a cool, dry and dark place)

Drinking water for the whole family

This little powerhouse can clean 10 liters per hour. It is super small and cheap to buy. This filter (if used correctly) can provide a family with clean and safe drinking water for a period of at least 1 year. Practice has shown that this can take up to several years, depending on the degree of contamination of the water source.

Aid and Relief

The Siphon filter is a simple and very compact drinking water filter that has been specially developed to give people who live in poor conditions access to clean and safe drinking water. For example, this filter is distributed by various aid agencies to families in disaster situations or underdeveloped areas.


Are you on the road, through nature or abroad and do you doubt whether the tap water is drinkable? Even then this compact water filter is the solution.


The usage is very simple. There are two ways you can use the Siphon Water Filter:

By Siphoning: All you need is a bucket with contaminated water, from which the Siphon C-Ultra siphons the water by gravity, and something like a water bottle to collect the clean water.

  1. Fill a pan or bucket with water from a river or rain- or tap water. Place it at a height of about 1 meter and place the siphon filter in it. Place a water bottle on the floor.

  2. Using the supplied syringe, you draw the water via the hose through the siphon water filter. Disconnect the syringe and hang the end of hose in the water bottle in which you want to collect the clean water. Due to the siphoning effect, the water is drawn through the filter and clean and safe drinking water comes out!

Suction: The Siphon filters can also be used if you do not have a bucket with you and are on the road:

  1. Hang the filter in the (surface) water.

  2. Make sure the filter is saturated with water. This can be done by leaving it completely underwater for a while using something heavy on top and/or keeping the filter underwater and saturating it with water using the supplied syringe.

  3. Suck on the end of the tube to filter the water and drink it immediately. Or use the syringe for this too.

Point of Use filter

The Siphon filter is a so-called Point of Use filter. This means that the water is treated where it is used. This minimizes the risk of contamination during the journey from source to user.

Three-stage water filter.

The Siphon filter is a so-called three-stage filter.

  1. The first stage consists of a double fleece filter cover, the so-called sediment filter. This stops all visible pollution. Consider, for example, sand.

  2. The second stage is an activated carbon filter, in which odor, color and flavors are adsorbed.

  3. The third stage consists of an Ultra membrane of hundreds of capillary tubes with a pore size of 0.03 microns, which stops microorganisms.


When the amount of water decreases, the filter can be cleaned using the integrated "Cleaning-Pad" (sanding belt). First remove the filter sleeve and rinse it out. Clamp the Cleaning-Pad with the full hand and make a circular motion. Then rinse the filter with (unfiltered) water. The cilicon hose can be cleaned with the syringe and heated water.

And last but not least

Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter, as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!

Product number: 10005

Weight: 0,300

EAN: 8720726095006

Product specification

Package contents

Siphon - C-Ultra - Water filter
Silicone siphon hose (180cm) with closing clip
Filter Sleeve - 5 INCH
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)


Way of use Gravity

Sieve perforation

Pore size 0,01 - 0,03 micron

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