AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter 3/4 - Carbon Granulate - 10 INCH - (build-in water filter / shower filter)

The Inline Pre-Filter - Carbon Granulate is a pre-filter that can be mounted between the water pipes of an existing water pressure system. Specifically suitable as shower water filter.

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AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter 3/4 - Carbon Granulate -  10 INCH - (build-in water filter / shower filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter 3/4 - PP - 10 mcr - Sediment Filter - 10 INCH - (build-in water filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter 3/8 - Carbon Granulate -  10 INCH - (build-in water filter / shower filter)
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Product specification


Way of use Built-in water filter

Filtration properties

Filter material Activated carbon granulate
Pore size / Sieve perforation Does not apply
Reduces Color, smell, taste as well as chlorine and other chemicals

Technical information

Connection type 3/4 inch conduit entry and exit

Package contents

10" Inline filter housing 3/4
Filter Element - Inline - Carbon Granulate - 10 INCH
2x 3/4 Nipples with O rings
2x 3/4 Hose pillars 13mm with O rings
Wall mounting bracket with screws
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)

1 Free tensioner included with the purchase of 1 or more inline products

Tensioner for loosening Inline housing

Product description

The AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter - Carbon Granulate is a pre-filter that can be mounted between the water pipes of an existing water pressure system. This Activated Carbon filter provides extra protection for your water installation and is very suitable as a pre-filter in combination with any other AQUA Logic Inline Water Filter model.

Filter characteristics

Activated Carbon Granulate
The activated carbon consists of 100% organic material (coconut shell) and has a very high adsorption capacity.
Activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, metals such as lead, as well as yeasts, chlorine, medicine residue and other chemicals.

The filter works without the addition of chemicals and is made up of maintenance-free and corrosion-free parts.

How to use this water filter

  • To connect the filter, 3/4 inch nipples or hose pillars with O-Rings must be screwed into the cover, after which the filter is placed between the cold water pipe. Pay attention to the water flow direction (IN/OUT).

  • The filter system can be mounted using the supplied wall bracket. Please note that there must be at least 10 cm space under the system to allow unscrewing of the bowls and filter cartridges.

  • First of all, the recommended replacement date of the water filter must be indicated on the supplied date sticker and must be visibly pasted on the water filter. The recommended period of use (daily usage) is 12 months.

  • The filter must be bled. Press and hold the (black) bleed button on top of the filter cover (while pressurized) until all the air has escaped.

  • Because the activated carbon granulate also contains some grit, the filter element must first be flushed until clear water comes out.

If applicable: make sure that these first liters of water do not flush through your Ultra Membrane Drinking Water Filter.


Replacing the filter element:

  1. Turn off the water supply and turn on the tap to relieve the water pressure from the system.

  2. Place a bowl under the filter if necessary. Unscrew the filter housing (counterclockwise). The filter element comes loose together with the filter housing.

  3. Place the new element in the housing and close the filter housing again. Do this by hand and do not overtighten. When closing the housing, make sure that the rubber sealing ring is correctly positioned and clean.

The filter should be bled again after maintenance by pressing and holding the bleed button until all the air has escaped. After each maintenance, we recommend that you do not use the first liters for consumption.. A new filter element must first be flushed through again.

If applicable: Although the filter housing itself is frost resistant, it is recommended to drain the filter and water system if not in use during winter months to avoid freezing.

Shower filter

Because this filter with activated carbon granulate has a large flow capacity and is not susceptible to clogging, it is very suitable to use as a water filter for the shower. Place the filter before the water heater between the cold water pipeline.

Technical data:

Dimensions: Ø 12.5 x 31 cm
Weight: 1700 grams
Connection: 3/4 inch conduit in and out

Filter housing

This filter housing has a clear bowl made of PET material and has a ¾ inch pipe in and out.

And last but not least

Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter, as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!

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