AQUA Logic - Inline Hose - GS-Ultra - 0,03mcr - (garden hose water filter)

The Inline Hose is an water filter that is easily mounted on the filling hose of your caravan, motorhome or pleasure yacht. All connection materials are included.

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Product description

The AQUA Logic - Inline Hose - GS-Ultra is a water filter that easily can be placed in the water distribution hose by means of the includes quick-couplings (Gardena type). This makes it very easy to ensure yourself from clean and safe drinking water, right into the drinking water tank of your Caravan, Motorhome or Yacht.

Filter element: 

This Water Filter is a two stage drinking water filter consisting of Ultra-membranes, in combination with a 100% organic Activated Carbon Granulat (Coconut shell based), which is treated with Nano-Silver:

  1. Activated Carbon Granulate with Nano-Silver 
    The activated carbon consists of 100% organic material (coconut shell) and has a very high adsorption capacity. Activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, metals such as lead, as well as molds, chlorine, medicine residue and other chemicals.
    The Colloidal (Nano) Silver on the activated carbon has an antibacterial effect and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the water filter. 
  2. Ultrafiltration membranes with a pore size of 0.03 micron.
    Filters: Pathogenic organisms: Log 6 bacterial reduction: >99.9999% (including Cholera, Shigella, Typhus, Klebsiella Terrigena, Legionella and e. Coli) and Cysts / Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium). And Micro- and Nano plastics from a size of 0.03 microns (300 nanometers)

The filter functions without chemicals and is made of maintenance-free and corrosion-free parts.

Use of the filter

Always look for the cleanest water source possible and preferably use the filter in a clean environment.

  1. First of all, the recommended date of use must be indicated on the supplied date sticker and placed visibly on the filter. The recommended duration of use (with continuous use) is 1 year.
    Note: The actual lifespan of the filter depends on the degree of contamination in the water to be treated. As long as water comes out of the filter, it is suitable drinking water because it has been filtered through the ultra-membranes, provided that the water filter is used as explained in this user manual.
  2. Place the filter on or between the water supply hose using the quick couplings.
    Pay attention to the flow direction (red arrow on the filter). In case of a reversed flow direction, in combination with too high a water pressure, the Ultra membranes can be damaged.
  3. With a new filter, drain the first liters of water before using it. The filter is then ready for use.


When the flow rate decreases because it becomes clogged, an attempt can be made to backwash the filter. You do this by placing the filter the other way around between the water supply hose and letting water flow through it very gently.
Caution: if this is done with a water flow that is too hard, the Ultra-Membranes can be damaged.

How to store after use

Wet:     store the filter in, for example, a closed container or a plastic bag (e.g. ziplock) and if possible in the refrigerator. We recommend adding Cosil47 water filter disinfection solution. Pour a dose (according to the Cosil47 manual) into both the inlet and outlet side of the filter before storing. Rinse the filter one more time before using it again.

Dry:     Blow the remaining water out of the filter and let the filter dry in a suitable place.

You can take the Water Filter into use again as described in this user manual.

Technical data:

Weight: 319 grams
Dimensions: Ø 4 x 30 cm

Flow Rate:

The AQUA Logic – Inline Hose - GS-Ultra has a yield of 3 litres per minute at a water pressure of 3 bar. 

Shelf life:

Unused, the filter has an almost unlimited shelf life (store in a cool, dry and dark place)

Product number: 10015

Weight: 0,300

EAN: 8720726095068

Product specification

Package contents

Inline Hose - GS-Ultra - water filter
2x Hose couplings type: 'Gardena'
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)


Way of use Directly at water tap


Connection type Gardena hose coupling

Sieve perforation

Pore size 0,01 - 0,03 micron

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