AQUA Logic - Travel Mate - CCS - 0,5mcr - (hand pump water filter)

The Travel Mate is a compact ceramic water filter for travel, expeditions, mountaineering, as well as for rescuers

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AQUA Logic - Travel Mate - CCS - 0,5mcr - (hand pump water filter)
AQUA Logic - Mobile - CCS - 0,5mcr - (hand pump water filter) - (New model 2022)
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Product description

Technical data:

Filter element: CCS (Ceramic-block + Carbon-granulate + Silver)
Bacteria reduction: > 99.99%
Weight: 300 grams
Dimensions: Ø 5.8  x  18.5 cm

Water filter properties

The filter element consists of a specially formulated ceramic material (1) in combination with Activated Carbon (2). Both materials are of organic origin and have been treated with Nano silver. The ceramic material has a very small pore through which visible dirt and micro-organisms are captured. (bacterial reduction > 99.99%). In the activated carbon, taste, odor and colorants, as well as chlorine and other chemicals are absorbed, while the presence of Nano silver ensures that microorganisms are rendered harmless.

Floating dirt, sand, etc. are held back by a suction filter (3) attached to the suction hose. This suction filter also has a submersible weight (4), which means that it remains below the water surface and thus no floating dirt and air can be sucked in. The movable float (5) on the suction hose can be slid to the correct height, so that no dirt can be sucked from the bottom.

The filter works without the addition of chemicals and is made up of corrosion-free parts.
The filter surface can be easily cleaned using the supplied cleaning pad.


It is recommended that you read this manual carefully before using the filter!

Preferably use the filter on a clean surface, so that no dust or dirt can get into the filtered water.

When using surface water for the preparation of drinking water, it is highly recommended to first pour the water through a few layers of (clothing) fabric to remove clay particles and other dirt. This prevents clogging of the filter surface.

Make sure that the suction filter (3) remains well submerged and, if necessary, slide the float (5) to the correct height so that no bottom dirt can be sucked in. Remove the cap (6) from the water spout and move the pump handle (7) up and down with gentle strokes. As a result, water is sucked up and forced through the filter.
Move the pump handle (7) with smooth and controlled strokes. Pumping faster or with a lot of force does not contribute to a higher water yield, but will rather lead to more wear.

With a new/clean filter element, the Travel Mate yields approximately one liter per minute.

With a new filter, the first liters of water (ceramic/coal) may contain grit. Therefore, rinse the filter well until the water is completely clear. If the filter has not been used for some time, it is also recommended to flush the filter.
Close the water outlet after use by means of the integrated cap (6) to prevent the clean water side of the filter from getting contaminated!


Depending on the degree of contamination of the water to be filtered, the suction filter (3) and/or the surface of the filter element (1) may become clogged. This will be noticeable in the decrease in the amount of outflowing water. In that case, first check whether the suction filter (3) is clean. This can be cleaned if necessary by sliding the immersion weight (metal spring) (4) backwards and rinsing out the foam filter. Replace this foam filter if it is damaged (a spare one is included).

If this does not improve the situation, the lid (9) of the filter housing can be opened and the surface of the filter element can be cleaned. This is done by sanding off dirt with the supplied Cleaning-Pad, after which the dirt can be rinsed off.

Periodically check whether the filter element (1) is still thick enough. This can be checked with the supplied 'caliber' (blue jig). When it fits easily around the filter element, it must be replaced.
Also check that the pump parts (plunger and rubber ring) (8) are clean. The pump is
accessible by unscrewing the filter element (1) (counterclockwise). Lubricate the plunger ring and the pump shaft (8) with the supplied silicone grease. Never use other lubricants for this!

When replacing the filter element, make sure the sealing ring is clean and properly installed. Then tighten the filter element well (by hand) to prevent leakage of dirty water!

When closing the housing, make sure that the rubber sealing ring is clean and well placed in the edge of the housing. In case of damage or loss, use the supplied spare ring.

Even after maintenance, rinse the filter well before using water for consumption!

When the filters are not used for a longer period of time, it is recommended to open the filter housing and let the filters dry. When using the filter again, it is recommended to flush the filter for a few minutes.

And last but not least

Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter, as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!

Product number: 10002

Weight: 0,300

EAN: 8720726095242

Product specification

Package contents

Travel mate - filter housing
Filter Element - Travel Mate - CCS - 0,5mcr
Cleaning pad for filter element
Measuring jig for filter element
Spare rubber sealing ring
Small sachet of food proof silicone grease
Suction hose (130cm) with float and sediment filter
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)


Way of use Hand pump

Sieve perforation

Pore size 0,5 micron

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