AQUA Logic - Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra - 0.03mcr - 5 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)

Compact Point of Use Water Filter with Activated Carbon and Ultra Membranes for installation in camping vehicles.

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AQUA Logic - Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra - 0.03mcr - 5 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline Duo 3/4 - Carbon + Ultra Full-Size - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)
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Product specification


Way of use Built-in water filter

Filtration properties

Filter material Ultra membranes | Activated carbon cylinder
Pore size / Sieve perforation 0,01 - 0,03 micron
Bacteria reduction LOG 6 | >99.9999%
Suitable against Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and bacteria (including Cholera, Typhus, Legionella and E. Coli)
Reduces Color, smell, taste as well as chlorine and other chemicals

Technical information

Product Dimensions Ø 12.5 x 17,5 cm
Connection type 3/8 inch conduit entry and exit
Flow capacity At 2 bar: 3.75 liters per minute / 225 liters per hour

Package contents

5" Inline filter housing 3/8
Cleaning pad for filter element
2x 3/8 Hose pillars 12mm with O rings
Wall mounting bracket with screws
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)
Filter Element - Inline - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - 5 INCH - Gen2

Product description

The AQUA Logic Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra drinking water filter can be installed between an existing water pressure system, just before a tap. The filter has a low pressure drop, making it very suitable for camping vehicles that are equipped with simple submersible pumps. If you use a pressure pump, we recommend choosing the larger 10-inch version.

Unique 2in1 C-Ultra Filter Element / Cartridge

  1. Activated carbon cylinder with a pore size of 1 micron.
    The activated carbon consists of a 100% organic material (coconut bark) processed in small particles with a very high adsorption capacity. The activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, as well as yeasts, chlorine and other chemicals.

  2. Ultra membranes with a pore size of and a 0.03 micron.
    Thanks to the Ultra-Membrane technology in this water filter, it filters:
    Pathogenic organisms: Log 6 bacterial reduction: > 99.9999% (including Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigenam, Legionella and e. Coli) and Cysts / Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium)
    Micro- and nanoplastics from a size of 0.03 micron (30 nanometers)

This means that this one filter element is able to produce safe and clean drinking water of high quality.

Ultra version - the best filter properties

Ultra at AQUA Logic stands for filters that are equipped with Ultra membrane filters with a pore size of only 0.03 microns. Ultra-membrane water filters are the most modern and reliable method of removing pathogenic micro-organisms from water.

Mounting the Inline 3/8 -C-Ultra water filter

  • Place this water filter just before or as close as possible to the tap which you would like to use for your drinking water.
  • To connect the filter, the supplied 3/8 inch hose tails with o-rings must be screwed into the cover. The supply hose or water pipe to the existing tap can be cut, after which the filter is placed between this supply hose or water pipe (if necessary with a hose clamp). Pay attention to the current direction (IN/OUT).
  • The filter can be mounted on the side or rear wall of the (flush) cabinet using the supplied wall bracket. Please note that there must be at least 10 cm of clearance under the system to allow unscrewing of the bowl and filter cartridge. The filter can be easily removed for maintenance via the lock holes in the wall bracket.

Commissioning the Inline-C-Ultra water filter

  1. Before the filter is put into use, the expiry date must be indicated on the supplied date sticker (one year after the date of use). Do this with a waterproof marker or pen and then stick it visibly on the water filter. This is important because the filter element must be replaced after a maximum of one year (or season).
  2. The filter must be vented during commissioning. Press and hold the (black) bleed button on top of the filter cover (while pressurized, closed tap) until all the air has escaped.
  3. With a new filter, allow the water to flow through for a short time before it is used for consumption. The filter is then ready for use.

Maintenance of the inline filter

Depending on the degree and type of water pollution, the surface of the filter element can become clogged. This can be recognized by the decrease in the amount of outflowing water. If this is the case you can do the following:

  1. Turn off the water supply and turn on the tap to relieve the water pressure from the system.
  2. Place a bowl under the filter if necessary. Open the filter housing (counter clockwise) and pull the filter element downwards to disassemble.
  3. Using the integrated Cleaning Pad, the filter surface of the activated carbon cylinder can be sanded clean. Then rinse the filter element with water.
  4. Replace the filter element and tighten the housing again, but do not do this too tightly. When closing the housing, make sure that the rubber sealing ring is properly positioned and clean.
  5. The filter should be bled again after maintenance by pressing and holding the bleed button until all the air has escaped. Even after each maintenance, we recommend that you do not use the first couple of litres water for consumption.

Although the filter housing is frost-resistant, it is important to drain the water filter and the system of your camping vehicle before winter storage and allow the filter elements to dry thoroughly (see also storage instructions). This prevents the risk of freezing and damage to the water filter.


The recommended maximum duration of use (with continuous use) is 1 year or one season. Therefore, the filter element must be replaced after every year (or every season). Periodically check the expiration date that you have written on the date sticker.

Note: The actual life of the filter element depends on the degree of contamination in the water to be treated. As long as water comes out of the filter, it is suitable drinking water because it has been filtered through the ultra membranes, provided that the water filter is used as explained in this user manual.
In the case of daily usage the Water Filter Element will last approxemately 4 to 6 months. That might be a reason to choose for the 10 inch filter of this type of Drinking Water Filter.

How to store after use

We recommend adding Cosil47 water filter disinfection solution. Rinse the filter again before using it again.
Wet: store the filter element (for example in a plastic bag) in the refrigerator.
Dry: Find a suitable place to let the filter element dry without mold formation. Prevent the plastic caps from becoming heated, for example by a heater/radiator.

Technical data:

Weight: 990 grams
Dimensions: Ø 12.5 x 17,5 cm
Connection: 3/8 inch conduit entry and exit

Flow capacity:

at 2 bar: 3,75 liters per minute / 225 liters per hour.

Shelf life:

Unused, the filter has an almost unlimited shelf life (store in a cool, dry and dark place)

And last but not least

Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter, as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!

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