AQUA Logic - Inline Duo 3/4 - Carbon + Ultra Full-Size - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)

Water filter with Ultra membranes for installation in self-sufficient tiny homes and off-grid houses or home use.

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AQUA Logic - Inline Duo 3/4 - Carbon + Ultra Full-Size - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2 (built-in water filter)
AQUA Logic - Inline 3/8 - C-Ultra - 0.03mcr - 5 INCH - Gen2 - (built-in water filter)
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Product description

The Aqua Logic Inline Duo is a drinking water filter that can be mounted between the water supply of an existing water pressure system. The filter has a very low pressure drop, making it very suitable for in a house and off-grid housing forms that are often equipped with simple water pumps. The Inline Duo Concept is designed for this growing group of people who want to purify their own drinking water from, for example, rainwater. Applications are for the home, self-sufficient tiny-houses, offgrid houses, caravans, campers, pleasure yachts or situations where the regular water supply is not reliable due to different types of contamination.

In the case of a water source other than 'clean' tap water, it is necessary to combine these drinking water filters with the Aqua Logic - Inline Pre-Filter Combi - PP + Carbon Granulat, and an Inline Backwash filter in the case of surface water.

Filter elements:

1. Activated carbon cylinder with a pore size of 1 micron
The activated carbon consists of 100% organic material (coconut shell) and has a very high adsorption capacity.
Activated carbon adsorbs odor, color and taste, metals such as lead, as well as molds, chlorine, medicine residue and other chemicals.

2. Ultra membranes with a pore size of and a 0.03 micron
Filters: Pathogenic organisms: Log 6 bacterial reduction: >99.9999% (including Cholera, Shigella, Typhus, Klebsiella Terrigena, Legionella and e. Coli) and Cysts / Protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium)
Micro- and Nano plastics from a size of 0.03 microns (300 nanometers)

This means that this one filter element is able to produce safe and clean drinking water of high quality.

Shelf life:

Unused, the filter has an almost unlimited shelf life (store in a cool, dry and dark place)

Flow capacity:

at 2 bar: 7,5 liters per minute / 450 liters per hour.

Technical data:

Weight: 2100 grams
Dimensions: L 25 cm x W 14 cm x H 34 cm
Connection: 3/4 inch conduit in and out

Ultra version - the best filter properties

Ultra at AQUA Logic stands for filters that are equipped with Ultra membrane filters with a pore size of only 0.03 microns. Ultra-membrane water filters are the most modern and most reliable method of removing pathogenic micro-organisms from water.


The Inline Duo concept is a very compact drinking water filter, designed for a growing group of people who want to purify their own drinking water from, for example, rainwater.

When water other than 'clean' tap water is filtered, it is necessary to use the AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter Combi and it is advisable to use the Inline Duo drinking water filters only for your consumption/drinking water to protect its lifespan. This can be done by placing these, separately from the available AQUA Logic pre-filters, directly in front of the tap point for your drinking water. Or by mounting it with a bypass as shown in the picture.
Regenwater opstelling
By way of illustration: Rainwater setup (T-piece is not included with the product)

Optional: AQUA Logic - Inline Pre-Filter Combi - PP + Carbon Granulat - Pre Filter Set

If other water than 'clean' tap water is used we recommend adding this combination of a 10 micron PP filter and an Activated Carbon Granulate filter as pre-filters to the system. These pre-filters extend the lifespan of the drinking water filter elements. Dirt can cause the activated carbon cylinder and the ultra-membranes to become clogged prematurely. When this happens, the water pressure of the water from the tap will decrease.

Optional: AQUA Logic - Inline Backwash - 60 mcr - Sediment Filter

When water is filtered from a source in which visible coarse pollution is present, an extra Backwash filter can be helpful. This contains a 60 micron sediment filter element that mainly captures this very coarse pollution and extends the life of the PP and/or C-Ultra filter cartridges.

Installing the Inline water filter

3/4 inch adapter nipples must be screwed into the cover to connect the filter. after which the filter is placed between the water pipe. Pay attention to the current direction (IN/OUT).
The filter system can be mounted using the supplied wall bracket. Please note that there must be at least 10 cm of clearance under the system to allow unscrewing of the bowls and filter cartridges.

Commissioning the water filter

Before the filter is put into use, the expiry date must be indicated on the supplied date sticker (one year after the date of use). Do this with a waterproof marker or pen and then stick it visibly on the water filter. This is important because the filter element must be replaced after a maximum of one year (or season).
The filter must be vented during commissioning. Press and hold the (black) bleed button on top of the filter cover (while pressurized) until all the air has escaped.
With a new filter, allow the water to flow through for a short time before using it for consumption. The filter is then ready for use.

Maintenance of the Ultra filter

Depending on the degree and type of water pollution, the surface of the filter element can become clogged. This can be recognized by the decrease in the amount of outflowing water.
If this is the case, the filter housing can be unscrewed (counterclockwise), after which the filter element can be cleaned by moving the (integrated) cleaning pad over the filter surface. Then the dirt can be rinsed off with water. First make sure that you have turned off the water supply and depressurize the system by opening the tap afterwards. When cleaning, place a bowl under the filter if necessary.
When closing the housing, make sure that the rubber sealing ring is correctly positioned and clean. Then close the filter well again (tighten firmly) to prevent leakage during use.
The filter should be bled again after maintenance by pressing and holding the bleed button until all the air has escaped. Even after each maintenance, it is recommended not to use the first liters for consumption.
The filter element must be replaced after every year (or every season). Periodically check the expiry date that you have written on the date sticker.
Although the filter housing itself is frost resistant, it is recommended to drain the filter and water system when not in use during winter months to avoid freezing.

And last but not least

Care is important when using and maintaining this water filter, as it concerns the safety of your drinking water!


Product number: 10063

Weight: 2,800

EAN: 8720726095556

Product specification

Package contents

2x 10" Inline filter housing 3/4
Filter Element - Inline - C-Ultra - 0,03mcr - 10 INCH
Cleaning pad for filter element
2x 3/4 Nipples with O rings
2x 3/4 Hose pillars 13mm with O rings
Wall mounting bracket with screws
User manual (Dutch, English)
Date sticker (for marking the year when the filter was commissioned)
Filter Element - Inline - Carbon - 1mcr - 10 INCH - Gen2

1 Free tensioner included with the purchase of 1 or more inline products

Tensioner for loosening Inline housing


Way of use Built-in water filter


Connection type 3/4 inch nipple or 13mm hose pillar

Sieve perforation

Pore size 0,01 - 0,03 micron

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